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the dream(ing) field lab


part crucible, part carnival, part sanctuary, part imaginarium.  the dream(ing) field lab weaves together acts of rest, ritual, care, creation and celebration offering a space for women and femmes of the african diaspora to re-vision their relationship with land in the context of climate breakdown


women and femmes of african heritage, those who culturally and historically have been held, regarded and marginalised for their intuitive knowledge,  have always self-authorized our relationship with the earth, we hold visions for our lives that need time and space to grow.  acts of resting and radical collective-care are intimately bound up with how we relate to our communities and our planet in the grip of a climate crisis


combining work with native plants, intersectional storytelling, theatricality and ancestral wisdom, the dream(ing) field lab will design and produce a field kit that supports self-reliance and well-being in the face of climate breakdown.  we take a somatic approach to cultivating joy, incorporating movement and breathwork which honour the role our bodies have to play in our liberation.  we nourish our bodies in order to dream our visions for the earth from a deeply-grounded place


our series of digital gatherings will focus on cultivating a safe, sensory and experiential meeting place that supports rest, collective-care and joy for women and femmes of African heritage. we will gather in june for a 3 day retreat which participants will take an active role in co-creating.  drawing inspiration from the radical Black imagination and afro-futurist movements, participants will also be invited to explore what they would like to gift others from their communities in the form of a tangible field kit, be it recipes, affirmations, directives, or wellness strategies.  


during our final gathering, at the end of July, we will share our co-created work.

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A Common Ground commission by Season for Change, a nationwide programme of artistic and cultural events that celebrate the environment and inspire urgent climate action. Led by Julie’s Bicycle and Artsadmin, and supported by Arts Council England and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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